• Mack Boots Faculty Awards

Mack Boots Faculty Awards

Mack Boots Awards Faculty of Health Sciences Student.

Congratulations to our Mack Boots, University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences award recipient, Sarah Jane Holmes who achieved the highest overall mark in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Honours units of study this year.  Sarah was recognized for her research thesis on Gait Analysis in Children With Cerebral Palsy.  Gait Analysis is used to assess a person's gait (walking style) in order to identify if they a have any issues impacting on walking which should be corrected.  Gait Analysis is one of the most telling evaluations when it comes to Cerebral Palsy's effect on lower body mobility.  Mack Boots are proud to sponsor this award for outstanding achievement in the area of health science.

Sarah Jane Holmes with Mack Boots Footwear Research & Innovation Specialist Dr Caleb Wegener (Biomechanics), B App Sc (Pod) Hons.