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MACK is committed to helping improve the health and wellbeing of workers by developing innovative footwear that moves with the body.
To reward excellence in health research, MACK has established an award at the University of Sydney: Faculty of Health Science to acknowledge the exciting work undertaken by emerging health researchers.

Integrated series of technologies and design features to provide movement specific support and flexibility.
Styles true to this design philosophy carry the SYST-M stamp.

Medial wrapped midsole design provides rearfoot stability for those that need it. Particularly important for people with flat feet and those that wear orthotics or arch supports.

Sole unit technology designed to maximise adaption to uneven terrain and reduce injury risks.

Sole shape and tread pattern engineered to optimise fluid dispersion beneath the foot to minimise slips.

Upper design system to allow the natural movement of the foot and ankle from heel strike to toe-off.

Heel shaped to match the natural heel strike position during walking to maximise contact area and provide a smooth ride.
Breathable memory foam insole that moulds to the foot providing a customised fit and helping to reduce in-shoe friction.
Constructed on cushioned foam insole board for a smooth ride.
Flex groove along the length of the sole to provide flexibility to allow a smooth transition from initial contact to foot flat and improve terrain adaption.
Manufacturing technique used to improve the breathability of leather and lining materials.
Specifically compounded phylon midsole to improve cushioning rebound characteristics and durability.
Sole design feature to provide support on the lateral side, particularly when used with foot orthoses.
External TPU welded overlay to be seam free and provide support and durability.
Wide anatomical shaped toecap to reduce rubbing and nerve impingement.

Complies with Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZ S2210.3), European (EN-ISO 20345: 2011) and American standards (ASTM F2413-11).
Lightweight, metal free, nonconductive, insulating and airport friendly safety toecap that complies with Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZ S2210), European (EN-ISO 20345: 2011) and American standards (ASTM F2413-11).
TPU sole that is hard wearing and highly resistant to hydrolysis, microbial attack, oils, acids and organic fats.
Nitrile rubber sole that is hard wearing and resistant to extreme heat.
Sole slip resistant to soap (SLS) on ceramic tiles.
Sole slip resistant to glyceryl on steel plate.
Sole slip resistant to soap (SLS) on ceramic tiles and glyceryl on steel plate.
Sole resists breakdown to fuel oil.
Poron® XRD® ultra high impact absorbing foam for protection of the arch of the foot, while having the comfort of a soft foam.
Poron® XRD® ultra high impact absorbing foam to protect the ankle from side impact.
Flexible woven synthetic fibre midsole layer to provide protection without compromising performance.
Minimises static electricity build up for safety in volatile environments.
Sole reduces the flow of electric current to protect the wearer from potential electrocution.
Important note: In accordance with ASTM F2413-11 footwear protection should be considered a secondary source of protection. Electrical hazard protection can deteriorate quickly with wear and in the wet.
Footwear lined with a one-way breathable waterproof membrane.
Footwear designed to shed water.
Upper designed for easy access and a quick exit.
Improves durability in high wear zones.
Low profile sole at the toe to reduce the risk of tripping.
Sole design minimises slip risk on ladders.
Upper contains retro-reflective material to improve visibility in low light conditions.
Kevlar® stitching and laces for the ultimate in durability and fire retarding.