• A Second Line Of Defence To Electrical Hazards
  • A Second Line Of Defence To Electrical Hazards

A Second Line Of Defence To Electrical Hazards

As with workwear, an employee’s footwear should also have anti-static properties. It is often referred to as conductive footwear.

Anti-static or conductive footwear is intended to protect the wearer in an environment where accumulation of static electricity on the body is a hazard in applications such as handling explosives or similarly volatile materials. The footwear is designed to dissipate static electricity from the body to the ground to reduce the possibility of ignition of sensitive explosive mixtures or volatile chemicals.

At Mack we have a wide range of anti-static safety footwear, to suit all professions, ranging from sleek and light safety shoes for roofers and warehouse operatives to more heavy-duty work boots aimed at the mining and construction industries.

In addition to providing protection from static discharge our range of anti-static footwear also comply with all the safety requirements deemed compulsory by the regulatory bodies who govern Australian industry, each style contains features such as steel/composite toe caps, slip resistance, heat resistance, metatarsal protection and ankle protection amongst others.

All anti-static/conductive footwear is marked with AS/NZS 2210.3 Class 1A on a label inside the footwear.